To constrain or not to constrain – that is the question!

Last week we participated to a very interesting conference, organized by a French NGO:

The presenters came from various fields: multinationals, research centers, public administration, etc. All presentations were interesting, because they talked about “hot” subject right now, like bio agriculture, electrical cars, oil price, and many others.

We got to ask lots of questions, but most important, we got to debate with the speakers and to bring our own views of the subject.

But let us explain the title: To constrain or not to constrain.

Ultimately, every discussion led to one conclusion: while some people are already trying to reduce their carbon footprint (by consuming bio, trying to reduce waste, taking the bike instead of the car, and others), most of the people do NOTHING!

So here is where governments are coming in: giving laws, and trying to protect us from ourselves and from “mean companies”.

What do you think, should we be constrained in order to improve our carbon footprint? Or maybe we are too “free” right now and too careless towards the needs of future generations?

Whatever the right answer is, one thing’s sure: changes need to be made in people’s mentality and we have to think as one instead of individually when it comes to actions that impact us all.


P.S. If you want to know more on the conference and Avenir Climatique, see the link below. This is a good time to revise your French! Or you can use an online translation tool! J

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