Do you know what you eat?

Here’s a recent ad for a product which is meant to help companies track better the products they sell.

What does the commercial above inspire to you? Isn’t it scary to know how many people are involved in the creation of one yoghurt?

Today, there are more and more products bad for our health. From OGM’s to additives and food coloring agents, our attention is required even when we buy raw meat, fish, or apples.

To tackle that, companies buy software that is meant to better track a products origin. But as we saw in Europe recently (the Spanish cucumber e-coli crisis and the horse meat), they are not there yet.

At the same time, NGOs like Greenpeace try to make lists of good or bad products for our health, but unfortunately they are relying only on company’s responses.

Here are the guides published by Greenpeace in France and Canada:

Here is also a German case study for the pork industry:

And here’s an article on Frosta, one of the few companies that is trying to be “transparent” with their customers.

 So please, search for the BIO label (AB certified in Europe), or other international certifications that assure you that you are doing a good thing for the planet and for other people.


photo source:

 P.S. While the most important focus is on food products, the other fields should not be forgotten, as there were many scandals linked to plastic toys, furniture or fabrics which are not good for our health.

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