La Fête du Crowdfunding

We had an amazing time last Saturday at La Fête du Crowdfunding in Paris!


But first of all, let’s see what crowdfunding is:

Crowdfunding is a way of raising finance by asking a large number of people each for a small amount of money. Until recently, financing a business, project or venture involved asking a few people for large sums of money. Crowdfunding switches this idea around, using the internet to talk to thousands – if not millions – of potential funders. Typically, those seeking funds will set up a profile of their project on a website such as those run by our members. They can then use social media, alongside traditional networks of friends, family and work aquaintances, to raise money. There are three different types of crowdfunding: donation, debt and equity.

That day, we met some European and French platforms, as well as projects that have already used them in order to finance their ideas. Everyone was very happy to share their stories and they all had financed various activities: blankets for sick people, scientific games for kids, food delis, book shops, and so on.

What was also interesting to find out was that these days there are platforms for almost anything: from funding a music band, to your education, or creating a small business producing ethical goods.

Because they are so numerous, it is important for you to know that they want to “gain” you as a member in their community – one successful project will bring another one and so on. So normally they are very helpful when you get in contact with them and will tell you if your idea is suitable for crowdfunding, if your marketing pitch will appeal to crowdfounders, etc. Most of them are also very young and willing to help anyone who has a fresh idea. 

More on how you should manage your crowdfunding project here: 

Good luck and have no fear, all ideas can find financing through crowdfunding!

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