Paris, mon amour….. NOT !!


Have you visited Paris yet? If yes, what was your impression about it?

If not, sorry for showing some downsides of this city in the next few lines.

Recently, RATP (the company that manages the public transport in Paris), has relaunched an awareness campaign on how to behave in the public transport. 2 years ago they ran the same campaign, so now I wonder why did they relaunch it?

Do they still hope that Parisians will behave better? As a “young” parisian (living here for 2 years only), I can say that nothing has changed from my point of view: the subway is very dirty and smells bad, people are in a hurry so they are always rude to the other passengers, etc. Also, the “provincial” French don’t like this city either, because they say people are rude and selfish.

So it seems the common good and mutual respect don’t really find their place in the Parisian public transport.


I will try to come back on this one after a few months and tell you if things have changed or not.


If not, my post should not keep you from visiting this city, as there are many amazing places to discover here 😉



photo 1: Robert Doisneau

photo 2:

photo 3:


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