Food waste

Do you know how much food is wasted every year in developed countries?

Here are some infos below.


From the producer to the distributor and to the consumer, everyone wastes food.

So recently, one of the biggest retailers in France, Intermarché, came up with an idea (hopefully not only marketing idea!) : they will take all fruits and vegetables their suppliers propose, and not only the “good looking” ones – they will sell the ugly ones too, because they taste as good as the rest, but they are often put aside because of their “looks”.

Who would have thought that we became so focused on looking perfect, instead of being good – and in this case, looking good instead of tasting good?

So here is the Intermarché campaign (sorry, in French, again!) – The ugly fruits and vegetables


It seems that so far the campaign is a real success, and other big French names will join the operation, which was created with the NGO Les Gueules Cassées.

What about you? Focusing on the looks or the taste?

Here are some more resources on the subject, if you still throw your unfinished meals instead of buying and cooking reasonable amounts of food.

Bon appétit !!


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