Manifesto for a better world

First I discovered the book. We were in a bookshop looking around and my eyes fell on this one: Manifeste convivialiste (Convivialist manifesto). The word “convivialiste” means a lot to me, as I don’t think we are “convivial” enough with each other. We should be so grateful for so many things, and be nicer to each other and smile more!

So I bought it, of course, because I was very curious! I discovered that behind this manifesto stand very interesting people, coming from different countries with different backgrounds.

I started reading and I think their ideas are good. A bit utopic, a bit extreme, but when I think where we are right now, with all resources coming to an end, I agree that an extreme solution might be needed.

Take a peak on their website and sign the pact if you agree with their ideas. Share yours as well if you like.

You can find an abridged version in several languages here:




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