Sales shopping in Paris vs natural fibers & made in Europe

The yearly summer sales have arrived in Paris!

As every time, there are many people coming from all over the world to enjoy that.

But, are sales really sales? I’ll let you decide on that one, while reading the article below.

So, what to do, what to do?

We decided to do some shopping, but we gave ourselves a challenge: look only for products made out of natural fibers and made in a European country.

At first, it seemed quite easy, but we soon realized how difficult it is to have the 2 together, plus an affordable price.

In the end, after 2 long hours of checking every label on every possible item, we found 2 products that respected the 3 conditions:

A Benetton sweater: made in Serbia, 100% wool, 15€


A Zara shirt: made in Turkey (yes, we know, only half Europe, but as we said, it was a very difficult search! 🙂 ), 100% cotton, 20€.

We will definitely do this test again, even though it’s quite exhausting 🙂
By the way, here’s a good guide in regards to the textile fibers. Once you have finished reading this go look in your closet to see how many items you have from natural fibers vs. synthetic ones.

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