Free Online Courses!!

Free Online Courses!!

Are you interested to improve your skills in a particular topic? To discover something completely new to you? Or simply review a topic you like by checking out a new approach?

Whether your goal is to satisfy your curiosity or get ready to take on new challenges, this article might interest you!

From prestigious (like Harvard) to less famous universities, various free courses are proposed via the web – either individually or collectively (if you are looking for more interaction with ‘classmates’ & teachers).

Teachers involved in this free skills sharing experience usually share the passion & the goodwill of explaining things, as well as exchanging with the learner. New questions & views are usually welcome to the table, because that leads to a mutual continuous improvement.

An excel table may not be the sexiest/coolest way to present it, but I thought it might help you to find quickly the topic you like. At the same time, it will allow you to enrich it quite easily with your own findings.

Your collaboration, remarks, critics & new ideas, are more than welcome!

Personally, I thought of 3 main areas:

  • Scientific Knowledge
  • Technical, Methodologies & Tools
  • Technical & Human Sciences

Happy reading!

P.S.: official name: MOOCs = Massive Open Online Courses


The Links :

  10. “google advanced Search in PDF : ”DIY Mechanisms for Inventors,Hobbyists, and Artists””
  12. your ideas!

Excel Legend

  1. University
  2. Nber = Number of courses available
  3. Familly
  4. Sub-Familly
  5. Langage
  6. Level

B = Beginner

L = Learning Curve

E = Expert”

  1. The Links



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