Religion – yay or nay?

Yes, I know, it’s a touchy subject. Especially right now with all that’s going on in Gaza.

I grew up in an orthodox family and I went to church almost every Sunday when I was a little girl. I even learned religion until I was 18, because that’s mandatory in Romania (watch Au-delà des collines movie, you’ll understand more, although you should not generalize that for the whole country). I don’t know if it’s still the case – maybe yes, because unfortunately my birth country is not ready yet to become laic.

I really believed in God and was thinking that if I pray hard enough only good things will happen to me. But that’s not how it actually works.

It’s up to YOU to improve your life and make things happen. If you think good things will fall from the sky, you are wrong. Good things come when you put in hard work, when you respect others and you know what you want.

It’s up also up to you to believe in God or whatever gives you hope for a better life, as long as that doesn’t intrude with other people’s way of life.

I now live in France, and because of all the mix of cultures, religion is less important. That doesn’t mean they have less problems, but I believe people make more logical decisions most of the time.

I could talk about the subject for hours (and you could contradict me of course) but, bottom line, here’s what I think:

  • If religion means wars and that you have to kill people, that’s not religion.
  • Too much of anything will kill you – being too religious can make you miss some of life’s most amazing opportunities.
  • What matters most is common sense – that’s what most of the 10 commandments teach us; if we are good to each other, only good things can happen.

Believe in who /what you want, but most of all, be good!



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