Back to basics

I hate flying. Well, not really. I started “hating” it about a year ago, when I got what I thought it was my “dream job”, which meant I had to be in different locations on a short period of time.

It has its downsides, but what is interesting about flying, is that even though you’re in one of man’s greatest inventions, you are not really connected to the technology: you can’t surf the web, you can’t use your mobile phone. Which is a good thing, because it takes you back to basics : you read – so you can still be up to date, you sleep – like this you make up for all the late nights in the office or for the parties you had with your friends, and most of all, you communicate with your seat neighbors.

And that’s amazing, because most of today’s communication is done in online: you hear everywhere about social media, online advertising, clouds, tweets, pins, etc., and you forget about the face-to-face interaction between two people.

For a long time, I was against social media, but I realized it had some good sides as well: you can, learn, share and influence people from around the world, instead of just the few people you’re in contact with every day; the amount of time you need to find information is close to nothing; it challenges you as a human being and makes you evolve.

But let’s get back to our plane ride.

The times when I’m not working on my NGO’s ideas and not reading about sustainability and social responsibility, I like talking to those around me, because I think everyone has an idea to share or something to teach you.

Most of the times it’s me who starts the conversation, because I like seeing people’s reaction: some think I’m intrusive, others like it, and others are just not in the mood. Especially in France, I can say that people are particularly moody and if you talk to them they will feel aggressed.

But other than that, I met people with whom I am friends even today, I met my future, now ex, boyfriend, I met genius and normal people. A friend of mine met her future landlord on a flight; another guy met his future wife on a bus. Once you pass the first few minutes, it can turn into a great experience!

So the main idea is that, no matter where you are, you should go back to BASICS, and COMMUNICATE to PEOPLE.

Because like this you SHARE, LEARN and BECOME a BETTER PERSON.



 written in April 2013

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