Scholarship documents




Ok, so you’re looking for a scholarship.

After a few weeks/months of search, you have found the one you like and you want to apply for it.

But did you think at what you need in order to apply for a scholarship? Sometimes the schools or foundations have tight deadlines, so if you don’t have everything ready, you might lose a chance that will never come back.

Below you will find a list of a few documents you might need, depending of course on your needs and age (for example they won’t require a CV for someone that needs a high school scholarship).

1.       CV – it’s one of the most important things you need to think about when you are applying, especially for an MBA or University scholarship. Here you should list your past work experiences but not only: volunteering or all other sorts of projects that you did should be mentioned here.

2.       Cover letter/Letter of motivation – besides the CV, this can really help you get the money you need for your school – and that’s because here you can talk more or less freely about your accomplishments, but also about your future goals and how the money would help you attain those goals.

3.       References – 2 or 3 contacts, like professors or former work colleagues.

4.       1 or 2 letters of recommendation from professors/former managers.

5.       Grades – depending on the system in your school, you should be able to provide transcripts from the last 4 to 5 years, in general. Don’t underestimate it, as if you are searching for a merit scholarship, this is the main thing they will ask you.

6.       Passport/Identity card copy – to prove your identity, of course.

7.       Photos – 4 or 6 generally.

8.       Income declaration for you and/or your parents depending on the case and type of scholarship.

9.       Visa/Residence permit – if you are going to study in a different country.

10.   Medical certificates – sometimes this is asked in order to show your physical/mental health.

As I was saying, you might not need all of the above. But sometimes it’s better to be prepared 😉

Good luck on finding the best financial aid for you !





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