Will the modern man adapt to the Planet’s changes?


With more than 54 % of the human population living in cities, I cannot help thinking that the answer is NO.


If so many people live in cities (and the numbers are expected to rise to 76 %!), it means that less than a quarter of the whole population will have to work in order to feed and dress the rest (corn, cotton, etc.). Taking into account that in developed countries there are very few real peasants left (around 2 or 3 %), it means that there will be around only 10 – 15% that will work to provide the world with the basics of our existence.

In a perfect world, these numbers would not be scary. But we do live on Earth. And if we continue the modern agriculture, with monocultures, seeds that cannot reproduce and chemical substances, we will completely DESTROY our lands.
So what is there to do?

Grow food in your apartment.

Buy organic food from cooperatives.

Support organizations that work against global warming.

Learn permaculture and move to the countryside.

Use less energy or buy green energy.

Consume LESS in general.

Ride a bike to work or take the subway instead of the car.

Use car sharing.

Yes, if we do want to save the planet, LESS is more.

At the same time, the populations need to understand a few things:

– petrol is too cheap if we consider the resources we have left; it should cost a lot more, given the bad it does to the planet

– clothing is too cheap if we consider what it takes to produce it, and if we think that most of it it’s marketing, any way

– cheap food will KILL you – most of the modern diseases are caused by what we EAT and we will end up dying slowly and cost huge amounts of money in care.

So, please, be willing to pay more for QUALITY, not quantity.

People also need to stop waiting for miracle solutions from their governments. These days, lobbying of big companies is so strong and the corruption so high that almost everything is done against us. We are run by cowards, by selfish people that only want to get rich. The UN is a place where people only come for the high pay checks and they are accountable for NOTHING.
So the only advice is to START ACTING NOW.
Poor people don’t have pensions – even those working in offices today are not sure they will get that 20 years from now.

Again, LESS is more – you DO need to give up on the TV that manipulates you and makes you stupid.

You do NOT need fancy clothes so that people can appreciate you – smart people will appreciate you for who you are and what you say; you CAN be proud of your origins no matter what – what others did does not make you the same and it’s up to you to improve things.
You do HAVE a right to vote and to protest against idiotic governments.

Wherever you are, START ACTING NOW!

It does make a DIFFERENCE.

And since the date is pretty close, you can start by participating to the global marches for the climate change that take place around the world.

Be good and be green!


credit photo: http://www.egotailor.com/product/10170/

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