Eco labels in Europe

Understanding labels on products and services these days is not easy, especially due to the country specifics.

What you should also know is that there is a European Union program in place too, but unfortunately it’s not mandatory, it’s only suggested that countries use it.

So you can imagine that for example in Eastern European countries these labels are practically unknown, and the consumers are not informed, because there are not many awareness campaigns that are run over there. The good side is that in the villages most people still produce their own food and are using the old techniques, but this doesn’t mean that city people eat well at all!

For example, in countries like France, McDonalds is proposing French beef and coffee that is certified by the Rainforest Alliance. In Romania, Lithuania, and other countries, you will never see ads like that, because people don’t care / are not aware of this kind of labeling.

So here are some websites that can provide information on this, in English, French and Romanian.,gb,ro

And an especially interesting link, which is explaining why in Romania eco labels are not known:,d.ZWU

If you are reading this, you probably know by now that many of the moderns diseases are caused by what you eat. So… please take some of your time and read this, because it could help you lead a better life.

Don’t forget that consuming from local farms, that don’t use chemicals and grow food based on the natural seasons is better for you 🙂

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