Handmade birthday

This year I thought I should try something different for my birthday.

I know you’re not supposed to say what you want to receive, because it should be a surprise.

But I figured, it’s better to be honest than to receive gifts you don’t like and you’ll never use.

So… the challenge for my friends was to offer me something made by hand (made by them or someone else) or to give to an NGO. Of course, I also let open the option of offering me whatever they wished!

So… here’s the outcome! 🙂

Hat and clutch from Ceibo Handmade

Untitled WP_20141108_007

Dried flowers paint from Alina brought from the Republic of Moldova!


beer made by Damien (veeery tasty!!)


Soap support from Raluca – coming from a Mediterranean Sea beach


handmade Romanian blouse from Teo, G and Francesco!

here’s a website where you can find out more and buy one if you wish 🙂



handmade knitted bed cover from Cristina, Roxana and their mum!


hand painted top from Cristina!


As you can see, I was more than spoiled! I never dreamed of this much and I am very happy they did this instead of buying me something from a normal store.

As for giving to an NGO, my friends gave to Aide et Action, a French organization that sustains education around the world.

My other friends offered me lovely things too, like books, a 100% cotton sweater, a TEDx conference in Mulhouse among other things.

Hoping that it inspired you to do the same…


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