Gardens festival – Chaumont sur Loire

This summer we decided to visit the Loire Valley. We had never went in that area and as we had a long weekend we decided to take advantage.

As we (almost) never plan things ahead and we don’t like castles too much, we asked the locals what we could see.

And this is how we learned that the “Festival des jardins” was not far. As I had seen a documentary about it, I really wanted to go there – plus the theme this year – The Capital Sins sounded more than interesting.

So in order to illustrate the capital sins, garden designers from around the world created spaces in order to show: greed, pride, avarice, envy, lust, consumerism, etc.


photo credit :

Below a few pictures we took – you will find better ones on their website! 🙂

WP_20140713_008 WP_20140713_017 WP_20140713_041 WP_20140713_044 WP_20140713_046 WP_20140713_059 WP_20140713_061 WP_20140713_078 WP_20140713_086 WP_20140713_100 WP_20140713_101 WP_20140713_121 WP_20140713_125 WP_20140713_137 WP_20140713_146 WP_20140713_150 WP_20140713_153 WP_20140713_163 WP_20140713_171 WP_20140713_174 WP_20140713_179 WP_20140713_184 WP_20140713_192 WP_20140713_195 WP_20140713_197 WP_20140713_201 WP_20140713_205

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