Learning today – possible or not?


I was discussing with someone the other day about learning and access to education – the person was telling me that it is hard to get access to quality education and information.

But…is it really the case? From my point of view, not exactly. As long as you have access to school, or you can borrow a PC with an internet connection, you get access to learning.

What young people need today, is curiosity. If you are curious, learning comes by itself: you will learn from what you live, read, hear, watch, etc. And that’s the parent’s job: make you want to discover the world and to be curious.

Here’s a success story which shows that will and curiosity can take you far:


Another video on learning today and keeping kids’s creativity alive:

And a French professor trying to explain kids that come from tough environments they are not stupid:

As far as online learning goes, I did some online searches and here are the resources I found:

Wikipedia’s sister projects:

Wiktionary (free dictionary) 
Wikibooks (free textbooks) 
Wikiquote (quotations) 
Wikisource (free library) 
Wikiversity (free learning resources)
Commons (images and media) 
Wikivoyage (free travel guide) 
Wikinews (free news source)


Ted ed

Khan academy



Le dessous des cartes

C est pas sorcier

Arte tv


Canal+ documentaries

TVR 2 (for my Romanian friends!) 🙂

Discovery channels

National geographic

You can do other stuff too:

-Watch movies in their own language

-Read history and geography books

-Read contemporary thinkers

-Join an ngo

-Search for all the mooc’s you can find and take free classes with them

Here’s a list of some educational apps too (amongst many that I probably don’t know!)






Happy Learning!!




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