Make-up free since ’93!

Well, not really since ’93 (I didn’t use any back then!)….

Seven months ago I had to give up mascara because of an eye allergy. Meanwhile, the allergy has dissapeared, but I am no longer using mascara. I realised that my eye lashes are ok just as they are. Plus, the honey cream I am using is nourishing them so much, that I have even more volume than before.

So anyway, the only two make up items I was still using were nail polish and blush. I use nail polish only in the summer, so it had been almost 3 months since I was using only blush.

Then, last week, a disaster happened!! I was out of blush!! After panicking for a few seconds, and imagining a life with no blush, I accepted my own challenge: NO MORE MAKE UP!!!

It’s been one week since, and I must admit that I still look for my blush before leaving to work in the morning… but I know I’ll manage without! 🙂

Plus, it’s better for the planet and my pocket 😉


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