Marche pour le climat – Paris 21 septembre

Here are some photos we took during the Avaaz Climate March this year.

It was amazing to see all these people gathered to show that change is needed.

Plus, we met the amazing group Rosia Montana Paris – they are very active in raising awareness on what’s happening in Romania from an ecological point of view: fracking, gold mines, etc and from a political point of view in general, for example this year’s presidential elections.

You can also see a video of Patrice, who sang at the end, here:

WP_20140921_010 WP_20140921_011 WP_20140921_013 WP_20140921_016 WP_20140921_017 WP_20140921_019 WP_20140921_020 WP_20140921_021 WP_20140921_025 WP_20140921_027 WP_20140921_028 WP_20140921_029 WP_20140921_030 WP_20140921_031 WP_20140921_032 WP_20140921_033 WP_20140921_035 WP_20140921_036

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