Politics for Common Greater Good

Citizens don’t like politics in general. Most politics in most countries don’t care about the citizens they are meant to serve.

But even so, the thing is the two are still very much connected. Citizens are used to count on public services and politics pretend to work for the people.

Although citizens live parallel lives with the politics, they still pay taxes, which pay salaries for politicians. And what do politicians do? They fight between them for more power, they promise things during the elections, and do nothing afterwards.

From France to the US, Romania, Brazil and other countries politicians have no shame anymore – or no power in front of the all-mighty corporations.

The conclusion is that the political arena needs a drastic change worldwide. Politicians need to understand they depend on the people and people have to understand they have the power to change things for the better.

Action is critical.

So dear world, I call you to action.


I call you to dare to be honest, to care about others and the future of your countries and our world. I call you to give without expecting anything in exchange.

I call you to be old fashioned – to be nice and to have shame if you do something wrong.

I call you to involve more in your communities and to grow with them.

I call you to join a party and run for mayor or senator or president or whatever you want.
I call you to innovate in politics and make future generations proud.

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