Can a family lead a sustainable life?

I recently got into an argument – I had to explain why I ate organic food and why I tried to lead a better life – and the conclusion of the people I was talking with is because I don’t have kids.

They were saying that when you have a family you have to spend a lot more money on food and that it’s complicated to recycle, so for them it seemed impossible to buy organic or to change the way they lived.

Most of the times I try to explain that there are solutions for everyone and at every level – but this time though I thought I would waste my time.

Instead, I did a research on blogs that are about families that live sustainable lives, because I was sure it was possible.

Here’s what I found, starting with my favorite blog:

Zero Waste Home jacket

These are just a few of the many many families that chose to live differently, of course.

Below some other blogs on green living

Be good and be green!


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