Shop better, live better!

What does this photo inspire you?

Personally, it makes me think of the fact that the way I consume creates change to the environment and to the natural ecosystem of the Earth. And this change is not necessarily positive…


So here are some ideas on how to shop and consume better:

Don’t forget, by eating better food and doing sports, you stay healthy, so no need to spend money on medicine, health insurance and so on!

When it comes to clothes, I know this is a complicated topic for most women, so here’s an interview with Jill Chivers from


Some other websites that give ideas on “green clothing”:

Maybe this will also convince you to buy more vintage / second hand outfits:

And if you don’t like what you need in vintage shops, do a tea party with your friends and switch clothing! I got a new dress and a belt at our last broc’party (brocante = flea market)! 

Photo credits: and

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