Your career and corporate companies

In two months from now, I will be celebrating my 10 years work anniversary. It seems like I started working ages ago, but I still remember most of my colleagues and what I was doing in my first job.

Anyway, this made think about my experiences, my managers and what I like and dislike in multinational companies.

So, in short, here it is:

5 Things I like in the corporate world

  1. You open your mind

Because in most companies being n° is very important, you’ll always be constrained to find new ways of selling your products, improving processes, etc.

  1. You work with people from around the world

Let’s be honest, not everyone can afford to travel the world these days. So, working in a company that offers an international environment is amazing, because you learn a lot about other cultures and, again, you open your mind.

  1. You discover (some of) your talents

You may discover that you have a talent to train people, to speak in public, to resolve complex issues or to analyze data. Personally I thought I could never speak in public or deal with customers, but my previous jobs allowed me to see this differently.

  1. You have a secure job

Yes, I know, this one’s arguable… But if you’ve done your homework, you know when things go wrong in your current company and it’s time to move on, or when it’s time to change roles, etc. From my point of view, no job is safe and no company is perfect, so it’s up to us to make sure we’re in the right place at the right time.

  1. You get your “time to shine”

Personally, it’s not something that interests me, but I can tell you that when you are praised in front of 500 colleagues, you’re kinda proud of yourself.


5 Things I don’t like in the corporate world

  1. Competition

Competition is good in general, but in corporations it can get really ugly. You get caught up in other people’s fight, or just because you do your job and keep a low profile people are scared you might take their job, etc. Having gone through that, I can say it’s very disappointing. But if you know yourself well enough, nothing can stay in your way J

  1. Same salary for years

When you have been with the same company for a few years, they tend to give very small salary raises – because they know you’ll stick around, they are no longer focused on how to motivate you. So it’s up to you to work really hard and get a huge promotion or to come with an outside offer to see how valuable you are to them.

  1. Managers

In my 10 years of working experience, I respected only 4 direct managers out of the 8 I had. Out of these 4, I admired 2. Is this a good ratio? Not for me (or maybe I have too high expectations??)! What about you, what qualities should a manager have from your point of view?

  1. Job change opportunities

Depending on the company policy, sometimes it’s really hard to get a promotion or to move to a different department. It can be because you didn’t get any training during your time with them, so you could not acquire new skills, it could be because they prefer to recruit externally or simply because they don’t have any available positions that might interest you.

  1. Higher Management

This one’s very tricky, because it can affect all the other items I mentioned before. If the higher management is really bad and has no long term vision, or all it wants is profits and has no sustainable goals, you’ll have no job change opportunity, no salary increase, you’ll have bad managers and bad team spirit so a lot of negative competition.

I will not say any more about my own working experience for now, but I’ll tell you one thing: no matter where you work, you can have bad managers and working conditions, low salaries and so on.

But it’s up to you to stand up to them, to know your skills and to make sure you make the most of your career.

If you are looking to change your job, here are some interesting websites: the first shows you the best companies to work for in the world (I don’t entirely agree with the list, but it’s a start!), and the second how you should prepare for job interviews.

And please, do let me know what you like and dislike in your work environment! 🙂


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