DIY – coffeegrounds bodyscrub for a zerowaste life

If you’re a coffee lover, this one’s definitely for you!


Because I wanted to reduce my waste, I tried to find ways of using coffee grounds.

I first tried it on my flower pots, then on the drain.

One that didn’t work for me was putting it in the fridge to remove odors – what worked though was a glass of boiled milk that you leave in there for a couple of hours 😉

Then I decided to use it on my skin as a scrub – and it actually works very nicely!

The main benefit is, of course, a very smooth skin, and it also helps my blood flow.

I use two coffee spoons for my body and only a pinch for my face.

Make sure you use a highly moisturizing cream/oil after your shower so that your skin is protected.

Here are some other ideas on how to use coffee grounds or make a body scrub:

Let me know how this worked for you 🙂


credit photo 1:

credit photo 2: personal archive

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