We believe in good.

We believe in good people.

We believe that if good people come together we can share that goodness throughout the world.

Sure, no one is perfect and no one can be (neither are we!). But we need to try to be better for the future generations. They need to be proud of the heritage we left them.

We will strive to share with you information on good actions, but we will also point out people’s bad behaviors.

Here’s how friends describe our team:

Julian Deltor

If I had to describe Julian in one word, it would be Entrepreneur. Not simply the Entrepreneur as we imagine, but the Entrepreneur 2.0, who is aware of the finitude of our world and concerned about the problems that our society is facing.

With his convictions and his desire to learn, he is able to mobilize himself in order to explore specific topics (his engineer side) and to connect the right people in order to implement solutions (his sales side).

He is an excellent event organizer as well, who knows how to gather his friends around and have a good time.

Matthieu Dalmasse

What I like about Matthieu is that he has strong principles and in general he won’t follow the crowd. So far I only found admiration for the actions based on these principles (smooth lifestyle, don’t do something just because everyone does it, think before acting, be honest, etc): prefer trains to cars and use bikes whenever possible, consume locally, reuse & recycle, measure his energy consumption, etc.

He is also a logical and analytic person, so he tries to keep his life as simple as possible (not overcrowding it with people or stuff). And although he is not a fan of busy places (a bit of an introvert), he is very active in social media! 

Iulia NitaCarcassonne-015

How to define Iulia ? The first word that comes is energy. She’s full of energy and therefore of projects. Then positivity, that’s the way she uses her energy. Sensitive to inequality or unfairness she wants to help and stands for different causes. But there is something else. Something about people-to-people. She has a strong social side. She used to meet friends several times a week on working days and is happy to make them meet too.

This year, for her birthday party she suggested that they either bring a homemade present or donate to NGOs! When you talk to her, her positive energy is contagious. Often laughing, she puts you in a good mood. That’s really useful when you want to change the world in a good way! So communicative positive energy is my closest definition of Iulia.

This may be the “core” team, but we get inspiration from our friends: Anabel, Anna, Alina, Raluca, Jules, Ben, Georgia, Denis, etc – thank you !!

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