Consommer français, c’est possible !

Avec quelques mois de retard, voici notre note sur cet evènement.

On y croyait pas trop, mais on y est allé quand même : le salon du Made in France.

A sa 4ème édition, MIF Expo n’a pas déçu : entrée gratuite, plus de 400 exposants des domaines très variés comme la cosmétique, l’énergie renouvelable, la nourriture, les vêtements, etc.

Voici donc quelques marques/ initiatives qui nous ont beaucoup plu :

Photo :

Vêtements :

Nourriture :

Cosmétique/Féminin :

Energie :

Si vous souhaitez vous informer et découvrir tous les produits français, un des meilleurs sites est

Bon shopping 100% français !


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Ecological alternatives for feminine protection

Because in a lot of areas around the world the menstruation is still taboo, quite a few women don’t know the alternatives to plastic sanitary pads and to the cotton tampons that we throw away every single month.

So the recent scandal on Tampax made think that I should share the alternatives I know and use:

The cup !!!!

Videos below in English and French


The washable pads – these are great if your menstrual flow is not very high. I recommend buying 6, because like this you can easily wash them and reuse them during a cycle. Plus they will last for years and years!

The washable daily pads – they are a great alternative for your daily liners (if you use any!).

The organic tampons – in case you’re not 100% ready to move to reusables, you can buy organic certified tampons, and combine them with the use of washable pads.

Where do you buy these? Well, if you tap on the Internet you’ll find a million stores that sell these kinds of products. But don’t forget, before you buy, make sure you read the comments.

Where did I buy my cup and my washable pads:,bebe,rubrique,3551,3.couche-lavable.html

Where did I buy my daily pads:

Of course, I bought them in France because that’s where I live, but I’m sure you can find (or make!) products that suit you close to your home.

Good luck trying these out and finding your fit!

As usual don’t hesitate to share your experience with us! 🙂

p.s. if you’re a mother, please share these solutions with your daughter! It is so important to be informed and get the best and ecological solutions from the beginning!



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Zero waste blogs and shops

New year, new resolutions!

I bet that Zero Waste came to mind already, but because you are afraid to start, or you think it’s too difficult, you didn’t really put it on the list.

So I’m here to show you that a lot of people started and continue to live zero (or close to) lives!


Shops in France:

These shops provide either organic products or zero waste alternatives, or both.

Remember, going zero waste takes a lot of time, so… take your time without feeling too guilty. 

If you want to go even further: zero waste is not enough.

Eating local food, less meat and avoiding planes will lower your carbon footprint a lot faster than a zero waste lifestyle. 

Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and experiences with us! 🙂



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