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Le Playground « Leadercoach essence » training – how was it

What is Le Playground? You can find their story here.


How did I meet them? Thanks to my involvement with Hera France as a mentor and to Chiara, I got the chance to know these amazing people.

I will not tell you a lot about Lourdes and Marco, because if you ever decide to contact them for a partnership/collaboration, I would like you to get the feeling I got when I met them.

So what’s “Leadercoach essence”? It’s the first step if you wish to become a personal development coach that follows the arc method, created by Lourdes and Marco.

Now back to the three days spent together:

Participants – we were a group of very different people: culture, age, work environment, so it was an unexpected chance to exchange and learn from others.

Location – colorful and bright room, just like Lourdes and Marco 🙂

Training – given the fact that the training was during a long weekend (Fri – Sun), I was quite tired and expected to be pushed to answer boring questions to a standard “multinational” training. But it was so well done, that I forgot the tiredness and the exterior world! It was practical, catchy, plus we got to work in teams and to discover one another. It wasn’t like in a class where you have to give the “right” answer in front of everyone.

The key words for me were: serenity, warmth, no judgment of others, open mind, acceptance of who I am.

“Leadercoach essence” was probably the only training at Le Playground for me, because I wanted to learn how to better work with the woman I mentor – and I got what I needed!

Sorry if I was so factual in this description, but I really don’t want to say more about this training – I DARE you to discover it yourself! You will be blown away!!!!

Lourdes, Marco, thanks again for the lovely moments spent in your company!



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