1st of March, Romanian way!

It’s that time of the year again: flowers start to blossom, sun is shining, and…. we are celebrating women for a whole week!

At least in Romania, we are. 

A bit more about the tradition here:

martie martie (1)martisor-284x300

Because I am not in Romania, my boyfriend wanted to surprise me: he brought me flowers, red and white threads, plus a second hand bracelet from Polder, which I love!!!


Wishing you all an amazing spring,


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Better you, better planet


How many times have you said to yourself that you would like to live a greener life, but thought it was impossible?

Well, it’s not that complicated!

On the websites below, you’ll find lots of good and simple ideas that you can put in practice starting NOW!

Here are some examples of people who actually did it:

And just for your info, you can use these two google searches to see what are the most polluting companies and countries in the world:

So, use less clothes, wash less, walk more, recycle and reuse everything you can!

Because yes, the future of the planet is in your hands too.



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