Scholarships for greek students


Scholarships for Indian students


From Australia to United States and Europe, here are some of the websites where you can find scholarships for Indian nationals.

You will find some that are related to sponsoring kids education, but also young adults that want to go abroad.

Before looking for a scholarship, we suggest you ask yourself a few questions :

1. What do I want to study ?

2. Where do I want to study it ?

3. What will I do once I finish my studies ?

Indeed, there are some countries that encourage you to come and study, but afterwards they have very strict policies if you decide to stay there after graduation.

In this changing environment, a career plan is more than welcome, as well as being always informed on what happens in your field of expertise.

Good luck !

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Student scholarships in Germany


Hallo dears,

Here are a few links if you are looking for scholarships in Germany.

Unfortunately I don’t speak german, so my list is quite short 😦

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Scholarships / NGO’s for African students

Dear students, this one’s for you : a list with some organizations that are either sponsoring students in Africa to go abroad or small kids education.

Good luck to you !

Scholarships for Art students

Whether you are a painter, a musician, designer, photographer…. there are scholarships out there for you !

Here’s a list with programs around the world !

Good luck !